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. Before we step into spring, let’s scan you for
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Dish of the month: Low Carb Corned Beef and Hash

  • • Cauliflower, diced into bite sized pieces
  • • Garlic Cloves, peeled and diced
  • • Corned Beef/Silverside, diced into bite sized pieces
  • • Butter/Coconut Oil, for frying
  1. Heat butter or coconut oil in a large frying pan.
  2. When hot, add the cauliflower and garlic and cook until golden, adding more butter/coconut oil if needed.
  3. Once the cauliflower has cooked to your liking, add the corned beef.
  4. Cook the dish until all is crispy and cooked through.


Yoga is here!!!!

Soft opening starting Saturday
March 2nd and March 16th at 8:00am for Vinyasa Yoga with Dr. David Juratovac
Classes will be donation based
Please bring your own mat
We look forward to seeing you!


Note from the Doctor:


Spring flowers bring May flowers! Or is it itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezes? Seasonal allergies become a common issue for many of us this time of year, as the body becomes overly sensitive to pollens plants.  Seasonal allergies may be worse during the springtime as flowers start to bloom, but your body has already begun the process well before you get those itchy eyes.  

Allergies are caused by an over-zealous immune system, which begins to fight off things that are harmless to most people. This fight could include breathing challenges and skin irritation, or if a food allergy, bloating and indigestion.  

 No one knows what exactly is the one cause of allergies, but majority of research agrees that the immune system becomes confused about what is friend and what is foe. This confusion leads to hypersensitivity and chronic allergies.  

 How can chiropractic help with allergies? Chiropractic adjustments make the brain communicate better with all parts of the body. Since the immune system is ultimately controlled by the brain, it can better understand what is truly friend or foe. Just remember that the body is extremely complex, and there could be many factors contributing to the allergies you’ve suffered.  

 Chiropractic is a great option to consider if you suffer allergies. In addition, Dr. J will usually recommend a dietary challenge to help eliminate a few other common causes of an oversensitive immune system. 

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