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" I have received care from Dr Valerie King's chiropractic office which is right up the street on SW Corbett. The atmosphere and care is great! i have never waited in the waiting room, the treatment is one on one... very personalized. It is not your typical visit where you spend more time waiting to see the doctor or massage therapist than the actual treatment! The office is very soothing with a relaxing scent and spotless environment.In regards to the massage service Alex is relaxing, his intense massage is directed more towards sports medicine with deep muscle therapy. Rachel is an aggressive masseuse yet very relaxing. I would say better than a salon massage but you can be the judge. I have experienced both therapists and they are both awesome! Dr King does a great job and is very thorough in her chiropractic treatment. She is very personable, easy to talk with and even listens to what you are saying. Trust me you walk out feeling refreshed and like a new person. It is the best experience whether you are in need of chiropractic care or a great massage."

"While working in my back yard building a fence, I hurt my lower back. I went in to see Dr. King, and after about five visits I felt absolutely perfect.  Most importantly, the experience at the clinic was nice and something I looked forward to doing day of."

"While training for a race I pulled a hamstring really bad. I didn't think I'd be able to run the race that was just 8 weeks away. With treatment at King Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. King and her staff were able to get me well enough to run and finish the Hood to Coast race!"

"My car was rear-ended and slammed me into the vehicle in front of me. I came to see Dr. King after two accidents over the past few years, and through her prescribed therapy I was able to get back to where I was prior to the accidents. Chiropractic care relieved my lower and upper back pain, as well as my neck pain after the accident. She and her staff are great!"

"I had extreme pain in my right shoulder and numbness in my right arm.  My regular medical doctor diagnosed me with a herniated disc in my neck (after an MRI) with recommended surgery. They gave me vicodin and then morphine for the pain. I started seeing Dr. King for relief of pain. Her treatment took the "knife" out of my shoulder immediately and over the next several weeks brought me back to normal.  NO surgery needed! Medical doctor gave me drugs for the pain but Dr. King TREATED the pain."

"I was never a runner. This year I decided to run the Portland Marathon. During my training I continued to see Dr. King for maintenance care. One weekend on a run I tweaked my lower back and thought my training was over! Luckily Dr. King and the staff helped me return to pre-injury status, and I continued to train. Now, I'm a Portland Marathon FINISHER!!!"

"I couldn't stand up straight one day. I was in pain 24 hours. I had to walk like the hunchback of Notre Dame! I tried drugs from an MD (lowered my pain so I could walk straight) and PT treatments (helped a little bit). I prepared myself to learn to live with it, but the pain was such that it diminished the quality of my life. I decided to try a chiropractor and Dr. King was highly recommended.  After a few visits I started to feel a real improvement.  There were hours that the pain was completely gone.  Now, after seven or eight treatments, I feel coming back to my old self and I'm very enthusiastic and grateful. It feels like my body is taking over and it is starting to heal itself!"

"I woke up one morning and couldn't move my head - I was in a lot of pain! I took aspirin for a month and hoped it would go away. I tried PT for six months, still suffering from chronic neck pain. Someone told me to try chiropractic care.  After two months I feel like a new woman - the pain has subsided to the point I am seldom uncomfortable and I have much more energy!"

"My problems started about 31 years ago, when I started working as a secretary. A lot of typing and computer work - sitting a great deal of the time. I lived with my back problems for so many years that I thought that's just how I"m supposed to feel.  I didn't "believe" in chiropractic, but someone referred me to Dr. King. After talking with her, I felt I could really trust her. I couldn't believe the energy I had just after a few visits. My mid back no longer bothers me, my shoulder and neck no longer get numb, and my lower back is improving!"

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